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Yuguda’s Citizenship Musings

| September 4, 2012 More

Bauchi State Governor Isa Yuguda has been toying with a fabulous idea of citizenship since coming to power in 2007. He has repeatedly said that Nigerians who resided in the state for up to seven years would be accorded automatic indigeneship, with full rights and privileges.

But in a deep blotch on the colour of that ambition in April last year, Yuguda said innocent members of the National Youth Service Corps, non-indigenes, who were killed in his state by sectarian rioters in the aftermath of the presidential election, “were destined to experience what they experienced. Nobody can run away from destiny. When they were serving me, they were the happiest in Nigeria. Immediately I handed them over to INEC, it was the responsibility of INEC to protect them. They were not the only ones affected. My own house was burnt; they almost lynched my first son. It is part of their destiny. I was also attacked as a corps member in Ibadan in 1979.”

Then recently, without any policy or law to back his indigeneship idea, articles have appeared in the media praising the proposal as one of the boldest yet by a sitting governor. This capricious manner of playing politics with virtually everything, including human lives, would do neither Yuguda nor Bauchi State or Nigeria no good. He would do himself a world of good by desisting from it.

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