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Yuguda: Taking health services to people’s doorsteps

| November 14, 2012 More

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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Bauchi State Ministry of Health, like most other government organisations, is a service-providing outfit.  The ministry’s roles include implementation on health policies and programmes of the government.  It also provides information of health polices of the government. As part of the decentralisation of the ministry embarked upon by the present administration, the State Primary Health Care Department Agency; Hospitals Management Board and the Bauchi State Agency for the Control of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (BACATMA) and National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) were created, each with its Chief Executive Officer.  The agencies are charged with the responsibility of implementing policies while the ministry remains focused on policy formulation.

With a view towards updating the ministry on their activities, a top management meeting of the ministry (HC PS) and the chief executives of the agencies is held periodically.  Specific achievements; challenges and steps that needed to be taken are discussed and agreed upon. 

Conversion of the specialist hospital into a teaching hospital
 President Goodluck Jonathan has given approval for the establishment of a medical college at the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Teaching Hospital.  The Federal Ministry of Health, the National University Commission and the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria have all undertaken assessment visits from which satisfactory results were obtained.

Consequently, a memorandum of understanding has been signed between the state government and the Federal Ministry of Health which gave rise to the take over of the Specialist Hospital . 

Third, the re-construction of the burnt Department of Planning, Research and Statistics office has been completed. The office block of the Honourable Commissioner is being renovated /upgraded. New General Hospitals  are being built in Azare, Giade Jama’are, Ningi, Tafawa Balewa, Toro, Bayara and Shira have been completed and commissioned by His Excellency. Fourth, construction of the new General Hospitals Kafin Madaki and Zaki is being pursued and has reached appreciable levels of completion. Fifth,  the 3rd phase of the General Hospital Azare, construction of the staff quarters and landscaping is being pursued.

Sixth, necessary requirements preparatory to the commissioning of General Hospitals Bogoro and Dambam is currently being undertaken.

Seventh, contracts for renovation of staff quarters has been awarded.

In addition, the construction of a new hospital complex at Misau General Hospitals has also commenced and is progressing steadily. Also, provision of generators to some hospitals with dedicated monthly diesel supply has been put forward since the advent of this administration.

The state Strategic Health Development Plan has been developed and disseminated. Before the formal handing over of the Specialist Hospital Bauchi to the Federal Ministry of Health, the Ministry has constructed a befitting AE department and an ultra-modern Dialysis Unit both at the hospital.

VAMED supplied and installed medical equipment to the Specialist Hospital Bauchi and 11 other General Hospitals across the state namely: Azare, Bogoro, Boto, Dambam, Dass, Giade, Kirfi, Misau, Udubo, Tafawa Balewa and Warji at the cost of N349,650,000.00 and N724,760,781.00 respectively.

The  HSDP II (WB ADB Financed) undertook series of interventions in some PHC facilities across the state which include rehabilitation works, supply of essential drugs, Basic Medical Equipment and Furniture.

Similarly, new ambulances were recently procured under the project and handed over to SPHCDA with a view to improving the referral system at primary healthc are level.

Procurement of shuttle buses to General Hospitals and specialist hospital has been undertaken, together with capacity building – improving the delivery of health care services through training of health care providers from state and local government areas and also improvement of system management – training of the state Ministry of Health staff in health system management, financial and budgeting etc.

The ad-hoc committee on the disposal of used equipment and items (Auction Committee)  of the ministry, which is to be reconstituted formally, is charged with the responsibility of recovering equipment/items during renovation exercises and dispose them up while proceeds from the exercise is remitted to the State Treasury.

 The state has purchased the Naisha Medical Centre, Darazo, and the facility has been handed over to the PHCDA for utilisation. Placement of health workers on harmonized salary structure (HATISS and CONTISS). Efforts is also being intensified to commence the payment of CONMESS to the health workers in the state.

Free medical services for pregnant women and under five children which have now been transferred to NHIS, recruitment of foreign (Egyptian) doctors to boost the provision of effective health service in the state now deployed to HMB and ommissioning of eye complex Hospital Al-Basar International Foundation which has also been done. Yet, other services by the Yuguda administration are the provision of

24.         Free surgery for cleft lip, cleft palate, goiter and cancrum Oris (NOMA) was also done recently.

25.         Provision of overseas and local medical treatment to deserving citizens as residual assistance

26.         Stock level of drugs in all state health facilities greatly improved thereby increase in patient turn out.

27.         Established the Essential Drugs Progarmme under a Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement to eradicate out of stock and ensure that high quality drugs are available

28.         Public confidence restored in all state health facilities.

29.         All indigenous Bauchi State Pharmacy Students, formerly on allowance, placed on salary GL. 06

30.         Students, formerly on pharmacy students allowance, were offered internship training after graduation.

31.         Staff-Development through workshops and seminars have been conducted and more have been proposed in the 2012 budget.

32.         Establishment of Drug management Agency (DMA)

33.         Indigenous Bauchi state School of nursing students in tertiary institutions placed on monthly salary to enhance automatic employment offer after graduation.

34.         One hundred and fifty eight students qualified as staff nurses and are working across the state General hospitals.

35.         Eighty-six students midwives qualified as staff midwives.

36.         The two schools participated in Nestle Nutrition Competition for North-East zone schools of nursing and midwifery, school of midwifery Bauchi come 1st.

37.         Basic practical equipment supplied to the schools.

38.         Hundred Computers supplied to the schools by National Communication Commission.

39.         Also 20 computers supplied to School of Midwifery by HSDP II.

40.         The government has sponsored 25 female and 20 male students for training in medicine in Egypt.

41.         Classroom chairs supplied to both schools.

42.         Provision of water borehole to all the 23 General Hospital three training institution and teaching hospitals.

43.         Connection of the two schools to internet.

.  List of inspirational and strategic health transformation since 2007 in Bauchi State
 1. For more effective service delivery, Governor Isa Yuguda approved the decentralisation of the Ministry of Health and created several high impact implementation agencies which are Hospitals Management Board (HMB); Bauchi Primary Health Care Development Agency (BSPHCDA); Bauchi Agency for HIV, TB Leprosy and Malaria (BACATMA) and Bauchi State Drug Management Agency (BSDMA) which are coordinated by the State Ministry of Health.

2.       In line with the Abuja Declaration, budgetary allocation to health has reached up to 15%. This is up be % from what was allocated before the administration came into office in 2006. To this day, Bauchi State is the forst and only State to reach this milestone.

3.       NHIS Scheme thereby improving access, quality and utilization of health services by all.

4.       Increase funding led to establishment of Free maternal and under 5-children medical services which covers consultations, drugs, surgery, delivery packs, nutrition for pregnant women.  Addition, his government has approved free medical care for sickle cell diseases (SCD) patient in the state.  Free antiretroviral treatment for HIV/AIDS patients is in operation.

4.       Health Infrastructure Development has been accelerated to bring healthcare to the doorsteps of the people. New General Hospitals have been constructed and commissioned in Ningi, Toro, T/Balewa, and the General Hospitals in Bayara, Shira and Bogoro are ready for commissioning. The Heal;th Centres in Kirfi, have been upgraded to the staus of General Hosptals,  week K/Madaki, T/Balewa, Toro, Bayara, Jama’are.

5        The uncompleted General Hospital Azare inherited from the previus administration has been completed and equi[pped and has since been commsssined.

6.       In a few weeks the contract for the ultra modern New Bauchi Specailst Hospital will be awarded.  and New Specialist Hospital etc) and Renovation of many hospitals and health centre.

5.       Under the Health sector Develpmennt Porject (HSDP II) agreements reached with the World Bank and African Development Bank (ADB)

6.       Upgraded of Bauchi Specialist Hospital with the construction of a New Dialysis Centre and Accident Unit and subsequent transfer to Federal Government for approval as only the second tertiary university teaching hospital in the North East zone of the country.

6.       Construction of a replacement of Bauchi State Specialist Hospital is about to be commence in Bauchi town.

7.       Undetr the able leadership of the Governor, the National Universties Commission (NUC) has approved for the establishment of a Medical School in Bauchi State. This will be only second medical school in the whole of Norytheastern Nigeria and the products will help in no small way to address the human resource challenges that we face.

8.       Renovation of all health training schools in the state: College of Health Technology Ningi, and Schools of Nursing and Midwifery.

9.       Established the essential drugs programme under a Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement to eradicate out stock and ensure that high quality drugs are available.  This is being transformed by law to Bauchi State Drugs and Medical Supply Agency.

10.     Provided New water supply schemes (New Boreholes) in every General Hospital in the state, including the Specialist Hospital, Bauchi. 

11.     Ensured regular power supply to health facilities with new standby Generator for every General Hospital in the state with a dedicated transformer.  Diesel is supplied to powered the Hospital Generators without interruption.

12.     Eliminated human resources shortage in the health sector by recruiting 2,592, health workers of Nigerian origin from doctors, down to cleaners and other auxiliary personnel.

13.     Recruited over 30 (30 Specialist Doctors from Egypt in very specialists.

14.     Provided 10 shuttle buses to the Specialist Hospital, Bauchi: 1 to General Hospital Toro: 1 Urban maternity Azare; and 1 to General Hospital Dass.

15.     Improved the remuneration of all health workers through the implementation of HATISS IV salary structure and CONTISS for health training institutions.

16.     Established International Collaboration in health with the Bauchi State Government; Al-Bashir Foundation sponsored join free Eye camp at specialist Hospital Bauchi and General Hospital Misau in August 2007.  Similarly, Bauchi State Government sponsored free surgery of Cancrumoris (NOMA), cleft lip, cleft palate and goiter in November 2008.

17.     Work on the construction of the Bauchi Cardiac Centre has reached an advance stage.

18.     Supporting and motivating Bauchi State human resource as a component of the clinical governance initiative. 

The policy addresses several concerns of health workers such remuneration, training housing car loan continuing professional development, among other things.

19.     The government has sponsored 23 female and 20 male students for training in medicine in Egypt.

20.     Brand new cars were given to workers in the state including health workers at discounted loan scheme to easy staff transportation difficulties.

21.     Several health workers have gone on overseas update and training courses sponsored by the Bauchi State government.And many more too numerous to mention.


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