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Yuguda And Tales Of A Wedding Prank

| June 15, 2013 More

Who played on who at the wedding ceremony of  the son of former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and daughter of former Governor Adamu Mu’azu of Bauchi State? STANLEY NKWOCHA shares the saga

Since the duo of former Head of State, Major General Muhammadu Buhari and Governor Isa Yuguda of Bauchi State, fell apart soon after the latter’s winning of the 2007 governorship election in Bauchi State, their paths just seem to never cross.

While both have not come out to say for sure where the source of their quarrel lie, stories of how Yuguda, after riding on General Buhari’s  crest to win his governorship election in 2007,went on to jilt and abandon the General and the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP), abound endlessly.

To stretch the war farther, the frustrations of General Buhari when he went campaigning in Bauchi State during the 2011 presidential election suggested that the war had been blown afresh as Buhari was practically declared a persona non grata in Bauchi State.

Fast track to last Saturday: Amidst pomp and pageantry, the palace of the Emir of Bauchi turned some festival of sort as Turakin Adamawa, Atiku Abubakar and his in-law, former Governor Mua’zu led retinue of renowned guests and political cre’me de la cre’me of the nation to witness the nuptial tie between their children. 

Appreciating the respect Northerners have for weddings, it would not have been apt for Gen. Buhari to be in the country and not honour such an invitation and so like others the destination was Bauchi  for the former head of state and leader of the Congress for Progressive Change. As the story turned out later, perhaps it may have been better if the General had stayed away.

Gen. Buhari, who arrived the Bauchi airport in a chartered flight from Kaduna at about

10.20am in the morning en route the Emir’s palace where the ceremony was slated to take place at 11.00am, was briskly “stopped” at the airport by officials of the Bauchi State Government House, billed to take him to the venue.

Reports allude that the “Government House, having been fore informed, as it is customary, of the coming of the former Head of State to the state, plotted a scheme to prevent the General from attending the

ceremony as a means to demonstrate Governor Yuguda’s tacit loyalty to president Goodluck Jonathan.”

Universalreporters reported an impeccable source from the Government House in Bauchi alleging “that after a brief consultative meeting with his aides, a decision was reached to disperse Government House protocol officers to the airport, ostensibly to receive the CPC Leader and escort him to the venue but in actual fact with the intention to humiliate him and to prevent him from attending the event.

“Thus, when Buhari arrived the airport, he was accosted by the protocol officers who informed him that the time for the wedding

ceremony had been shifted from 11.00am to 12.00 noon and therefore suggested they take him to the Presidential Lodge to wait till the appointed time.

“Unsuspectingly, Buhari believed them, but countered that instead of going to the lodge, they should go and wait at the house of his good friend, Alh. Yahaya Abubakar. After consulting with the Government House, the officers led him to his friend’s house where they waited. A few minutes to 12.00 noon, the General’s entourage left for the Emir’s Palace only to arrive and be told by the Emir that he was late as the ceremony took place at 11.00. He then stayed for a few minutes, greeted with the few dignitaries left behind and proceeded to the airport and returned to Kaduna.”

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar is said to have promptly placed a call onto Gen. Buhari to apologize for the embarrassment this might have caused him, just as Buhari assured Atiku that he was unshaken  by the incident as such things come with the kind of politics, especially as played in Nigeria.

But Yuguda’s loyalists are quick to dispel such tales as figments of imaginations of propagandists, saying it was totally impossible for the governor to behave as such knowing the respect that was attached to wedding fatihas, especially in the North.

“What would he benefit by playing such prank on Buhari? Is he not the governor? What stake is there? People just threw up tales to tarnish the image of the governor. Why should he single him out? Such tales should be discarded and I blame the media for pushing it out of proportion as what happened was purely a communication breakdown that can’t even be blamed on the Governor,” a source close to the governor who didn’t want his name in print told LEADERSHIP WEEKEND.

Is this the sign of the politics to come ahead 2015? If weddings which are supposed to be celebral are turning out to be engrossed in undue hiccups such as this, what would happen when the dye is cast for 2015? Again goes that deep breadth and subtle sound.


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