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What You Should Know About Bauchi’s Chicken Abatoir

| June 22, 2013 More

One section whch is unique in the popular Muda Lawal market, Bauchi is the ‘yan kaji (chicken abbatoir). People from all over Bauchi town troop to the place with their chickens on a daily basis because they could be made fresh meat in two minutes. Our correspondent, najib sani, who visited the ‘yan kaji in the market writes on how it

Muda Lawal is without any gainsaying the biggest, largest, most crowded and unique market in the Bauchi state capital that hosts numerous traders and artisans selling almost every goods and services one can find in a market place.

But one thing that attracted LEADERSHIP FRIDAY most in the whole market which is unique and absent in other markets in the metropolis is its famous ‘yan kaji [Chicken abattoir] section where people from all over the town buy and bring their chickens for slaughtering.

This section does not only have traders who sell chickens of different breeds (Agric, local) and sizes, but also has butchers who specialised in slaughtering the birds, removing their feathers, intestines and cutting them into smaller parts such that the customer will only take home and cook.

Our correspondent reports that the abattoir is always filled with customers both in the morning and afternoon who bring their chickens, fowls, ducks, etc, including the ones bought outside the market to the Mudal Lawal chicken abattoir thereby making work easy for house wives.

The ‘yan kaji unit in the market according to the Secretary General Bauchi State Chicken Sellers Association Malam Bala Mai Kaji provides a source of living to over 5,000 people.

“Chicken business is a lucrative one because we sell from 500 to 1, 000 chickens every day in this market”. He said.

The Secretary General explained that the continuous successes and progresses they record in the business made them to open the abattoir where a customer who buys the chicken can slaughter it, remove a feathers in the same place and takes home only the fresh meat.

Mai Kaji disclosed that with that, many people have become self-reliant adding that those who had no capital to purchase and sell the chicken work in the abattoir of the yankaji section.

The question here is: why does the chicken abattoir record high patronage on daily basis despite the fact that people are being charged money by the butchers for the service which they would not pay for if they had taken the chicken to their wives at homes?

One of the chicken butchers, Muhammad Nasiruddeen Hussaini responded to the question while speaking to LEADERSHIP FRIDAY. “People prefer to bring their chickens to this abattoir because the work that will take them half an hour, or even an hour, we can finish in two minute. So that is why they choose to patronize us. “If you bring your chicken, fowl or duck, we will slaughter it, remove feathers, wings, intestines and cut it into desired pieces all in just five minutes because we are experts in that and we have been doing it for quite a long time”.

He claimed that he has spent over 10 years in the occupation and works on about 100 to 300 chickens daily depending on the business turnover. “I charge some people N30, N50 or N100 based on the level of the customer”.

Hussaini, who expressed satisfaction over what he gains from the occupation disclosed that some of them (butchers) have purchased plots while others have built houses with the money they made from the business. “This business has provided a source of livelihood to many people because youths and children from the town come here asking us to employ them. For instance, I now have six apprentices under me who help me in my work”. He said.

Another chicken butcher, Salisu Ibrahim, disclosed that he started the business 15 years ago and is contented with his gains because according to him he deals with at least 150 chickens per day. He appealed to the government to provide them with facilities such as wheelbarrows and water boreholes so as to boost their business.

What is more interesting about the ‘yan kaji section in the Mudal Lawal market is the division of labour among the butchers. There are those whose duty is merely to slaughter the birds, those who boil water and the ones that remove the feathers and cut the fresh meat into desired pieces.

LEADERSHIP FRIDAY observed however that although the chicken’s abattoir is popular in the town and records high patronage from the people, the place is not hygienic, lacks dustbins, befitting drainage system where dirty water and blood can flow away just as bad odour and flies pervade the entire area which is hazardose to both health and the environment.

The Secretary-general of the Muda Lawal Market Traders Association Malam Bala Mai kaji, who admitted that there is environmental nuisance in the place, called on the state government to provide them with a truck that will be evacuating refuse from the market to avoid outbreak of diseases.

He commended the local government for roofing the chicken abattoir which was previously an open place but lamented however that they still lack a befitting drainage. Mai Kaji said against this background, the association has set aside Saturday every week as a day for members to sanitize the abattoir. When contacted the permanent secretary of the Bauchi State Environmental Protection Agency (BASEPA) which is responsible for keeping the state clean Alhaji Waziri Yahaya Jalam said plan is under way to revamp the chicken abattoir.

He said already an NGO which indicated interest to work on the place was given approval to do so.


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