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Sustaining democracy dividends in Gombe State

| May 31, 2013 More

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Gombe State was created on October 1, 1996, carved out of the old Bauchi State. The ‘Jewel in the Savannah’ is peopled by Fulani, Hausa, TangaleWaja, Bolawa, Tera, Jukun, Gera, Tula, Chamawa,,Lunguda, Pero, Kanuri and so on.

Since the return of Democracy to Nigeria in 1999, the people of Gombe have been enjoying the dividends of democracy.

The first democratic elected Governor of Gombe state Alhaji AbubakarHabuHashidu did his best to serve his people between 1999- 2003 but the emergence of Alhaji DanjumaGoje brought a major developmental growth into the 17-year-old state.

It is said that ‘success without successor is a failure’. One of the numerous achievements of emeritus governor Goje which can not be over emphasised and which has made continuity in governance of Gombe possible was the emergence of a good successor in person of the former Accountant General of the Federation, Alhaji Ibrahim HazzanDankwabo two years ago.

Since he assume office in May 29, 2011 Governor Dankwanbo has been sustaining the good governance he met on ground and also using his own initiative to make sure that the people of Gombe state continue to enjoying the dividends of democracy.

With the current security challenge most of states that surround Gombe are facing, Governor Dankwanbo has been very security conscious by making sure that Gombe is at peace.

To maintain peace in his state, Mr. Governor is not building new police stations or buying more arms for the security agencies as other governors are doing, instead he is simply empowering the youths in Gombe state.

Mr. Governor knows that ‘an idle mind is devil’s workshop’ therefore his administration has introduced a lot of poverty alleviation programmes among the youth so that they will not think of joining members of Boko Haram sect.

Dankwanbo’s administration has given loan to thousand of youth to start their small scale business while many are learning different kinds of vocational skills that can make them self-reliant.

The government of Gombe under the able leadership of Alhaji HazzanDankwanbo has also been investing in agriculture.

The current state government has been working on the plans of the former administration to construct additional dams to significantly enhance the total land area available for irrigation.

I also enjoin the good people of Gombe to continue supporting their governor urge them not to allow any selfish politician within or outside the state to use them for any selfish ambition.

•John Ajiboye, Osogbo, Osun State.

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