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Re – Three Opposing Truths

| June 12, 2013 More

Mahmud Jega’s Monday column of yesterday made wonderful reading. Much as I commended the writer by coming up, albeit hypothetically, on what may have led to the rather shameful imbroglio among the Nigerian Governors’ Forum (NGF) for failing to “appoint” “elect” or even agree to an “imposed” leader among only 36 of them in whatever way possible. I am particularly interested in the last paragraph which specifically mentioned the most vocal of them all on the issue, Governor Isa Yuguda of Bauchi state.

Yuguda was reported by the BBC Hausa Service to have said all sorts of things about his colleagues in the Northern Governors’ Forum as having betrayed a consensus agreement and therefore saw them as blackmailers and people he no longer trusted on whatever decisions they took. This had forced him to decide not to be part of the forum again. Could it be the reason why Bauchi people no longer trust him?

The column also reminded Malam Yuguda of his political honour and loyalty, having cross-carpeted from ANPP to PDP after the landmark 2007 election in which Bauchi state voters did the revolutionary A kasa, a raka a tsare (Vote, escort and guard) by which he spectacularly and miraculously and by the special grace of God defeated the incumbent and PDP candidate. If Yuguda feels the pain of the outcome of the Governors’ Forum election, then he needs not be reminded that the pain Bauchi state voters have experienced and are still experiencing over his cross-carpeting to PDP after that 2007 is hundred times greater than what he is experiencing now.

Besides, Yuguda should not in the slightest imagination be deceived by any of his political sycophants that the electorates in Bauchi have forgiven or are even contemplating of forgiving him. It is just that they are helpless at the moment because of the draconian political and electoral system. Opportunity will come when Bauchi state electorates will take their pound of political flesh from him.

I think Yuguda has been served with the kind of soup that he once prepared for not only Bauchi people but the entire Nigerian democratic process. The process of mass action that brought him to office in 2007 would have gone into the memory lane as one of the greatest and civilized revolutions that has ever happened in Nigeria’s political history. Bur alas, he betrayed the confidence and the trust reposed in him by Bauchi people, and they become a laughing stock all over the nation. So why is he so bitter and complaining now? Again watch out, it could be a divine intervention and the worst is probably yet to come…He who laughs last laughs best.

Ahmed Balarabe Hamzah, Bauchi State

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