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Re – Influx of Herders Is Threat to Security – Sokapu

| April 5, 2013 More

For Dr Ephraim Goje to warn the Kaduna State Governor that ‘he should not blame anybody if the communities in Southern Kaduna decided anything different because enough is enough,’ is a clear case of drums of war. Dr Ephraim is certainly making himself a war-lord and one can easily understand certain things that happen to the Fulani in neighbouring States. It is sad that our societies today are led by blood-thirsty individuals who have no pity for refugees.

How can one send back a refugee back to danger without establishing the reason for fleeing? Are we so pitiless that we cannot accept people under persecution because we are afraid of the unknown? Are there no Fulani in Southern Kaduna that these distress people can run to since they are in need? Moreover, the name Goje sounds Fulani; won’t it be right if these Fulani run to their brother Goje since they are threatened elsewhere? Why have we forgotten our history just because we have been indoctrinated by false beliefs? “Enough is enough” is for whom? When over 200 hundred Fulani were murdered in 2011 after the Presidential elections in Southern Kaduna for no reason, what did Goje say about that? Remember that up to now many people are living as refugees in the State Capital because of the work of ungodliness. I am sure people who participated in that dastardly act would never wish to be associated with it any more. Although when leaders like you beat the drums of war, the innocent ones would dance to the tune.

A lot of blood has been shed in this State and the country at large, yet leaders are still calling for more. I think what is important is to stop more bloodshed and embrace even your ‘perceived enemy’ by turning the other cheek. We wish to have people exchange names like Afoi and Gowon among the Fulani and Goje and Sambo among the others.

Dr Garba Kawu Daudu, Bauchi State University Gadau This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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