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Re: Bauchi Gov Abubakar: Escapist or realist?

| November 15, 2016 More

Consequent to the two published articles, namely, ‘Yerima’s attacks on Gov. Abubakar escapist’ in Daily Trust of November 1, 2016 attributed to Abubakar El-Sadique, and ‘Bauchi governor can’t be blackmailed’ in Daily Trust of November 2, 2016 attributed to Suleyman Malami, I want to reiterate for the umpteenth time that “Objectivity is my watchword”. If allegations are made against an individual or his self-styled apparatus of governance, the onus of proof lies on such an individual or government to counteract such allegations “word for word”. Since Bauchi State belongs to all of us, no single entity or group of co-travelers have the right to arrogate the prerogative of answering the people’s questions only at their own behest. The people must come first.  
It can only be described as “escapist” when you choose not to tackle head-on grievous allegations that threaten the well-being of our beloved State and wish it away as unfounded allegations. Any responsible government would by now start publishing accounts as the Kogi State, Niger State and others do in the dailies. This will not only show that the Governor has finally chosen the path of honour and transparency, but is willing to open a line of communication with the people who voted him into power.

The hard facts should not be lost on anyone who can take the time to puncture my postulations and sieve the grain from the chaff, I have taken my time to toe the line of decorum. The claim by the governor that legislators asked him to buy cars and houses for them is really laughable. Going by that claim, can His Excellency furnish the public with the basis for such a request and if true who came forward with such a request. I for one had a better car than the governor before he became governor. It is not traditionally descent where we come from, for a leader to speak in that tone of saying that someone asked him for a favour, even if it did happen and whether it was granted or not. Most of us in the National Assembly don’t share the same financial background with former INEC Commissioner. Bauchi is our home, not by indigene certificate but by birth, and there are core values we hold in very high esteem that denigrating mankind does not feature in our landscape.
It is high time the powers that be handle this situation before it gets out of hand and a resourceful state like Bauchi, which polled almost a million votes to bring this APC Government into power at the center to lose at the next polls in 2019, “A stitch in time saves nine”.
I will not stop dwelling on the absence of viable and self-sustaining projects that will impact on the life of the people. The governor claimed to have commissioned 9 kilometers of road in my constituency, ostensibly to shut me up, but I hope that each kilometer did not cost the taxpayers 500 million naira. The dearth in hospitals, lack of proper sanitation and waste management, economic and security challenges, the Gestapo style of intimidating any opposition as the case may be; constructive critics is lamentable.
As regards my using the governor as a guinea pig or shield to cover up my failures and inadequacies to provide quality representation to the people of my constituency. The governor should not forget that we (federal legislators) are very close to the grassroots, we were the key players in the quest to entrench this government in power in 2015 and as such he needs to gauge the pulse of the people in my constituency. An attempt to test the will of the people in the past got the fingers of the perpetrators burnt when some of the alleged signatories of their ill-conceived and fallacious advertorial denied in the media. The quit notice given to DAAR Communications in Bauchi, owners of AIT and RAYPOWER FM was also fallout of being used to propagate discordant political views. Feigning ignorance about my performance at home (my constituency) and at the national level is not an excuse for non-performance. He has picked up quarrels with every one knowing fully well that he cannot win this battle against the people.
The people of Bauchi are more politically aware now and cannot be taken for a ride or hoodwinked in the present scheme of things. All these lackadaisical responses, the first by the press secretary to the governor and other lackeys always try to bamboozle the people with shallow answers and return to business as usual. Going by the plethora of allegations, handling it with kid gloves leaves much to be desired, or is that disrespect for the electorate who have real power at the grassroots or calling their bluff?
Whatever the governor claims to be doing in Bauchi is shrouded in mystery because of the opacity attached to it. I beseech the governor to open up and be transparent for a change. The President should also call under-performing governors to order, let them shape up or ship out; the price we have all paid and are still paying for the entrenchment of good democracy is on the high side to allow gallivanting with our commonwealth. The President has a history of integrity and this should not be soiled by some dismissive elements. The silence of the President and APC is not helping matters as it may be misconstrued by some to mean business as usual. The liability of salaries and pensions in the state is also cloaked in mystery. When will he have the courage to serve the people that put him in power, if the promises they stood up for are no longer forthcoming.

Ahmed Yerima is a member of House of Representatives, representing Misau/Dambam federal constituency

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