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Post Election Violence Largesse, an Attempt to Appease the North

| May 9, 2013 More

President Goodluck Jonathan

By Seriki Adinoyi

The recently announced compensation for states affected by the 2011 post-election violence by the federal government has been described as an attempt by President Goodluck Jonathan to appease the North towards his re-election in the 2015 general election.
A member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Bitrus Kaze, who disclosed this in a statement Monday, however, maintained that the North will never support the president’s re-election ambition in the long run.

Kaze, who represent Jos South/Jos East federal constituency in the House, said: “We are tempted to believe that this gesture could be in furtherance of Mr. President’s attempt to appease the North, who it must be maintained, will never support his re-election ambition in the long run. If he is truly desirous of placating the North, all he needs do is to abandon his re-election ambition or better still step aside and hand over power to a far Northerner, nothing else will impress the core North more.”

The lawmaker noted that the states affected by the violence are Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Niger, Sokoto, Yobe, and Zamfara, but added that while Katsina, Bauchi, Kano, Niger, Adamawa, Jigawa, Zamfara, Sokoto and Akwa Ibom got various sums in that order, Borno, Gombe, Yobe and Kaduna got nothing.

He recalled that the Sheik Ahmad Lemu Presidential Panel on the post-election violence acknowledged the fact that Major-General Muhammadu Buhari’s ‘provocative utterances’ was misconstrued by many voters to include recourse to violence.

“But interestingly, Katsina, Buhari’s home state got about N2 billion, the highest; Bauchi State, where the pioneer leader of the dreaded Boko Haram sect, the late Mohammed Yusuf, planted and nurtured the seed of the terrorism, got over N1.5 billion, the second highest. Akwa Ibom State, which hitherto was never heard of among states, where the post election violence occurred, also became a beneficiary of the presidential largesse.”

He also wondered what criteria would be used to ensure that the monies effectively got to the victims, since most of them are non-natives of the states where the post-election violence was perpetrated, had been forced to relocate.

The lawmaker added that the monies would be at the mercy of the benefitting state governments.

He noted that media reports said Jonathan had offered the federal government’s assistance to Borno State to rebuild Baga, a border town in the state in which about 200 people were killed in a gun duel between troops of the Multinational Task Force and Boko Haram insurgents.

“Whereas both the Defence Headquarters and the office of the National Security Adviser made averments to the effect that it was the insurgents that triggered and perpetrated the violence in Baga; in the Plateau State for example, in Dogo Na Hawa alone, over 500 innocent lives of mostly women and children were destroyed in cold blood overnight in March 2010 without any of provocation whatsoever. This is in addition to billions of naira worth of properties lost in the attack.

“Yet, since the formation of the Security Task Force in January 2009 to curb violence on the Plateau, the government of President Goodluck Jonathan has not offered a dime in aid to the state that has endured internecine violence for years.”

Kaze added: “Repeated massacres and invasions by mercenaries among whom are foreign nationals armed with sophisticated weapons have led to unquantifiable losses on the Plateau, including the brutal murder of a serving senator and member of the state assembly, Dr. Gyang Dalyop Dantong and Hon. Gyang Fulani, respectively.

“It stands every sense of reasoning on its head as to why the presidential largesse was restricted only to states where post-election violence was perpetrated.

“We will not grow weary of telling the world that Plateau State gave President Goodluck the highest percentage of votes compared to any state in the whole North and it is inexplicably painful trying to fathom any logic behind his repeated decisions to pay Plateau State in very bad coins.”

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