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Politics, Morality and the Youths Empowerment in Bauchi

| August 20, 2012 More

Prior to the swearing in of His Excellency Malam Dr Isa Yuguda as the Executive Governor of Bauchi State in 2007. Our politics was unstable, chaotic, as ethical problems were rampant and morality amongst the youths almost came to an end. The reason was our democratization led to alteration in the concept of morality and politics. Secondly, it led to changes in the structure of the interrelation between politics and morality.

Our actions and in-actions precipitated or condensed to providing a phenomenon called (Kwaram), Sycophancy (Sara Suka) Hack and Stab etc.

Resultantly, new elements appear in value from the Etymological, Philosophical and sociological point of view. This affected the internal and external quality of an individual values. Cultural standards of such values are not sourced from our inheritance; hence, they are not culturally cultivated from our societal background.

The functions of morality and politics are to regulate and direct human behaviour towards a productive and healthy terrain. But in our case, it appears in sharp contradictions and the main mechanism of such contradictions are unusual. Politization of morality and moralization of politics have also emerged as factors.

Surgery was needed to remove and rehabilitate the infected areas of the society. The Government stays committed and focused enough to find the answers to these “burning platforms” because of their real threat to the society. Government instruments as institutions and an avenue initiated a program called “Gyara Kayanka” which creates practical paths to cure potential crimes. Injects positive values that build high performance culture. The youths who were hardened gradually become under the strong influence of Gyara Kayanka which later harmonizes them with those changes. With the emergence of these changes in sight and at hand, making positive impact on the lives of the youths, they proudly become productive and self reliant and have no longer have the ability to do any harm.

The “change impact” of those institutions could be sustained by providing both internal and external reinforcement so that they could think ahead, act ahead and keep replicating and formulating the messages. As we want it to be amalgamated into the focus of the gullible minds.

We are happy today, democratization is no longer changing wheel of the social machinery, as it is in tune and consistent with our culture, tradition, heritage, history, capability and resourcefulness. This program becomes successful and policy prescriptions to the government as it did not ignore the ground realities.

The developmental strategies are such buttressed as the government empowers the youths by making them better than what they were before, encouraging them to grow and become innovative. Acquiring the power to think independently, to act freely, and to exercise choice, to raise voice, to be able to take a decision and pursue developmental paths that will reflect their needs and aspirations.

Finally, we ought to pay attention and be cautious considering our population’s explosion to acute poverty ratio and illiteracy level which are required to be tackled through fundamental reorientation of our public policies.

Musa Ibrahim Jakkada wrote from Bauchi.

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