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‘PDP Will Win Bauchi Council Polls’

| March 5, 2013 More

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By Segun Awofadeji

The Assistant Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Bauchi State chapter, Alhaji Bashir Bukar Rimin Zayam, has explained that the party has set a machinery in motion to win the forthcoming local government elections in the state.

He said: “No matter the intimidation, threat or even misinformation or misrepresentation of facts will deter PDP in Bauchi State from emerging victorious in the upcoming council polls and other subsequent ones. Bauchi PDP has been more refocused to meet the challenges of modern day politics and more than committed to continue to retain its leadership position in the state.”

Zayam, who spoke during an interview with journalists in Bauchi yesterday, said: “Going by the history of Political parties everybody knows that Bauchi is a PDP state, and despite the little problems that occurred in the past, you will recall that all the aggrieved leaders of the party are still in PDP. None of them left the party up to the time when the party was harmonised and resolved all internal problems we have one family, we are united and we are committed to defend our votes in the forthcoming local government polls.”

Speaking further, he stated that this became necessary given the fact that: “PDP is not just a strong and solid political party in the country and especially in Bauchi State, it has its structures and offices in all nooks and crannies in the state, which other parties don’t have, and based on that, we can and will mobilise our people easily to vote for the party and we will do our best to put acceptable candidates to all offices with fairness as our watch word.”

Zayam said: “The issue of merger is not new in politics even if all parties can merge together they can’t defeat PDP because history of merger was as old as the history of Nigerian politics, during first republic there was merger, during second republic there was merger and the issue of merger can never be a threat to experienced politicians, not talk of big political parties like PDP.”

While urging “politicians and well meaning Nigerians to stop cursing or abusing our leaders but instead they should pray to God to guide them to the right path”, Zayam said this would give “them the wisdom to be fair and just and to carry out duties that will better the living standard of our people.”

He, however, advised politicians to always practice politics without bitterness in order for peace to reign in the country.

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