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Nigeria: Yuguda – Not Because He Is My Boss

| June 29, 2013 More

Not because he is my Boss, not because he is the Executive Governor of Bauchi State but because he is Isa Yuguda just as it is a fact that he cannot be separated from the office of the Governor of Bauchi State at least for the next two years when his constitutionally approved tenure ends coupled with the fact that till then he remains my boss and not ‘Oga at the top’.

On Saturday, 15th June, 2013 he added another year turning 57 years. Looking younger and in his usual simplicity, he did not allow the celebration to stop him from doing other things as he as early as 6am on the day on his way to Kano to pay his respect to the Emir of Kano, Dr Ado Bayero who coincidentally turned 83 years as well as 50 years on the throne. That is Isa Yuguda for you, very simple, cool headed and humane.

When in 2007 he spear headed a near political revolution in Bauchi State, the people of the state came all out to support him and ensured that he was massively voted for thereby setting a record of wrestling political power from an incumbent even with all the paraphernalia of office. He is simply put, a man of the people.

As he clocked 57 years, it is only pertinent to point out a few of his giant strides, not because he is my boss but because he is Isa Yuguda.

He took the bull by horns when he signed into law the act that created the much sort after Sayawa Kingdom, moved the headquarters of the local government to Bununu; today that axis is peaceful.

Equal treatment

He ensured that in Bauchi State the issue of indigenesettler was amicably resolved in line with the provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and today there no non-indigene in the state as everyone is treated equally, something even the Federal Government has applauded and urged others to emulate.

As at the last count, he has appointed over 100 “non-indigenes” into his government as aides and members of boards and parastatals.

Not because he is my boss, Isa Yuguda has excelled where many had failed, he has won where many had lost and today he is the ‘brand’ that every marketer is running after in order to make swift sales.

He is an epitome of a loving father when at home, he ensures that his children are all around him, playing with them and listening to them unlike others in such position who hardly create time out for their families.

One cannot but wish him more years of service and devotion to humanity, good health, Allah’s guidance and protection as he marches to greater heights.

Not because he is my Boss but because he is Isa Yuguda.

*Ishola Michael Adeyemi is the Chief Press Secretary to Bauchi State Governor.

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