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Main issue in Bauchi 2015

| January 30, 2014 More

By Danladi Akilu

On Monday, January 13, 2014, one Ibrahim Aliyu Azare, who styled himself as Secretary, Movement for the Defence of Justice, published a one and half page write-up in the Daily Trust Newspaper with the caption, “2015:  The succession question in Bauchi State (1).”

In the write-up, he made a case for the next governor of Bauchi State not to emerge from Bauchi South senatorial district. The piece was, to say the least, confrontational, sentimental and ill-motivated. From the beginning to the end, it was evident that the aim of those behind the publication was to blackmail innocent persons and create an atmosphere of disunity in the state.

The main plank of the author(s) warped argument was that the Bauchi South Senatorial District has occupied the governorship seat for too long and therefore, the stool should go to the other districts in 2015. Apart from making several references to the Hon. Minister of FCT, Senator Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed, CON, the masterminds of the fangled piece attempted futilely to discredit some eminent politicians who they perceived to be the Minister’s supporters or close associates in the state, ostensibly in a bid to incite, distract, heat up the polity and create bad blood.

What can be deduced from the jaundiced write-up is that it was the handiwork of hack writers contracted by some highly placed mischievous and parochial elements in the state. That explains why the piece was haphazardly crafted and delivered. First, the mental shallowness and cheap approach of the perpetrators became manifest when they syndicated the same publication with two different names in the Daily Trust and the Leadership newspapers. The latest publication which appeared in the Monday, January 13, 2014, edition of the Daily Trust bore the by-line of one Ibrahim Aliyu Azare who was styled Secretary, MOVEMENT FOR THE DEFENCE OF JUSTICE (MDJ), However, in sponsoring that publication those behind the mischief forgot that two earlier publications of the self-same write-up bearing Mohammad Ameer as the author had been published on Wednesday, December 25, 2013, on page 40 of the Leadership newspaper entitled “Bauchi 2015 and Succession Question (1)” and another on Sunday, December 29, 2013, on page 30 of the Daily Trust newspaper with a different name.The writers, in their selfish desperation and cleverness by half disingenuously, planted the same write-up with different  names in different newspapers. Their real motive is to hurt the FCT Minister by demeaning all those believed to be directly or indirectly associated with him as political turn-coats who do not command tangible support in both his constituency and the state. But the reality is that the persons referred to are people of integrity and unimpeachable character who muster enormous goodwill and support not only within their respective constituencies but the state as a whole.

Yet it remains unjustifiable why the preoccupation of the faceless author(s) and their sponsors to aim at the jugulars of the FCT Minister and those perceived loyalists of one person.  Their phobia and desperation are evidently intended to dissuade the minister from acceding to the ubiquitous calls on him by well meaning personalities from all local government areas of Bauchi state to contest the governorship election in the state in 2015.

The truth of the matter, really, is that the FCT Minister, till date, has not come out to declare that he would be running for the governorship of Bauchi State. That is notwithstanding the fact that it is his constitutional right to run. Again, Senator Bala Mohammed is fully focused on his current vital responsibilities as the Minister of FCT and therefore cannot be distracted by any person or group of persons.

The advice for those behind this unwarranted smear campaign is to refrain from their evil acts. As the 2015 election draws nearer, the issue in our state’s politics should not be reduced to geo-politics, filial considerations and mudslinging. The burning issue should be how to accelerate development of the state in a comprehensive manner and to ensure that a competent people-oriented person emerges the helmsman of the state to drive that rapid development.

The people of Bauchi State irrespective of their senatorial districts of origin deserve qualitative living standard, good and affordable healthcare system, gainful employment, peace and security, standard education, robust economy that will attract international investments and so on. Luckily, our state is largely a homogenous one so to speak. Our people, be they from South, Central or North, are one and the same. We speak the same language; we eat the same food; we have the same culture and orientation.  Furthermore, we are not aware of any agreement on rotational governorship by any political party or any provision for that in the constitution of the party or the federation. All these show that the central issues in Bauchi politics today have nothing to do with geography. Rather, the determinant issues have everything to do with experience and requisite qualification and nothing with base sentiment and make-believe divides.

At a time like this, Bauchi State needs a sellable,  well rounded and tested leader that can take it to the next level; a courageous, visionary,  and strong-willed leader who has sufficient national and international exposure to drive the expected accelerated growth of the state through massive infrastructural development and transformation. Bauchi State can boast of at least one or two of such energetic, dynamic and people-oriented leaders who can not only conveniently step into the shoes of Tatari Ali, Ahmed Muazu and Isah Yuguda but even improve on their good works.

* Akilu writes from Wunti District, Bauchi.


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