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Islam came to South, before Northern Nigeria – Isa Yuguda

| April 26, 2013 More

Governor Isa Yuguda

The Bauchi governor asks why there is no conflict between Christian and Muslims in the South as is found in the North.

The governor of Bauchi State, Isa Yuguda, said contrary to popular belief, Islam came to Nigeria from the southern part of the country, not the North.

Mr. Yuguda made the declaration Thursday in Abuja during the presentation of the report of the committee set up by the governors from the North on insecurity and ‘healing’ process which held at the Niger State Governor’s lodge in Asokoro.

“Islam came to the South before coming to northern Nigeria. It is there in history,” he said, adding that “the first Sharia court was established in Iwo, in Osun state; it’s there in history.”

Shedding more light, the Bauchi Governor said Kanem Borno, which many thought first received Islam in Nigeria, only “had Islam, 1200 years ago” while, Sokoto the seat of the caliphate and sit of the Sultan, the spiritual leader of Muslims in the country, only came into contact with Islam “over 200 years ago; but Islam came to Lagos much earlier than Kanem Borno empire”.

He also said the first Islamic University in Nigeria was established in the South West, in Ogun State.

Mr. Yuguda who was making the remark with respect to the ongoing insurgency- that also has religious connotations- in some parts of the North, then wondered why all the bloodbath in the region.

He said there are Muslims and Christians in the South West who live peacefully with each other, with each practicing their religion.

“In the South West You see a church on top and then a mosque on the ground. They are leaving just as Allah has said we should leave in both the Bible and the Quran, and the Hadith. Are they reading a different Bible or Quran? I ask myself always, why is there no crisis there? Why is there crisis in Northern Nigeria?” he asked.

“As a governor I have wept several times on seeing innocent lives murdered in cold blood, for no fault of theirs,” he added.

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