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Intrigues As Taraba Deputy Governor Faces Impeachment

| September 9, 2012 More

Jalingo โ€” Last week’s impeachment process initiated by Taraba State House of Assembly against deputy governor, Alhaji Sani Abubakar Danladi, reminded one of the similar steps taken in Bauchi State which eventually led to controversial impeachment of Alhaji Garba Gadi, who was the state’s deputy governor between May 2007 and August 2010.

Taraba State lawmakers who are perceived as docile by the Taraba people last Tuesday sprang a surprise when they served state deputy governor notice of impeachment over allegations of ‘gross misconduct’.

A motion to serve Danladi with the impeachment notice was moved on Monday in the assembly by deputy speaker Abel Peter Diah. The motion was signed by 21 out of 23 members in the state legislative body.

The lawmakers, who accused the deputy governor of using his office to acquire a business venture worth billions of naira, resolved to give him a two-week ultimatum to respond to allegations or face removal from office.

In the motion, Danladi was accused of diverting a Millennium Development Goals project to his private school, Yagai Academy, which houses his other business ventures like Yagai Water, Yagai Printing Press and Yagai Restaurant.

The legislators said locating the MDG ICT Centre and the sinking of motorised boreholes in Yagai Academy are gross misconduct as the school is a private venture of the deputy governor and the facilities sited there cannot be accessed by the public.

They also alleged that Danladi used his influence to acquire “a large expanse of land in Jalingo on which he built Yagai Academy (together with all other multi million naira business ventures sited therein like Yagai Water, Yagai Printing Press and Yagai Restaurant) an institution which is worth about a billion naira which your total emolument as a deputy governor cannot justify and in doing this you have not only breached the code of conduct for public office holders which requires you to show transparency in the act of governance.”

Danladi is also accused of undue interference in the postings and transfers of indigenes of his local government area, Karim Lamido, and has been working against the interests of other stakeholders of the local government area.

But there appears to be a political undertone to all the allegations. There are feelers that the legislators may be doing a hatchet job for Governor Danaba Suntai who recently brought his friend Engr. Ahmed Yusuf back to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and would want him to become his deputy.

When Yusuf, a popular and charismatic politician of great influence, returned to the PDP a few months ago, pundits have been considering the possibility of a change in the political configuration of the Danbaba Suntai administration.

Yusuf, being a political strategist, is believed to have been brought in to douse the fight which his friend, Suntai, has been having with the duo of Senators Aisha Jummai Alhassan and Abubakar Tutare.

The removal of Danladi is said to have become inevitable because his political sins are increasing by the day. His unending romance with the former state chairman of the PDP, Alhaji Abdulmumini Vaki and Suntai’s greatest political rivals, Senators Alhassan and Tutare, appears to be an unforgiveable sin that is now haunting his current position in government.

From the beginning, Alhaji Danladi was said to be a pawn in the political chess game with no political pedigree of note. He was brought in by his cousin, Danladi Baido, as a compromised candidate to pay for the painful loss which Baido suffered in 2007 when former President Olusegun Obasanjo stood against his governorship candidature in Taraba State.

Danladi has over the years failed to build a solid political bloc in spite of his consistent successes at ensuring that the ruling PDP wins Karim-Lamido local government area at every election. Analysts say he has made more enemies than friends in his political career, allegedly citing his haughtiness and selfishness as deficits that have robbed him of political goodwill.

One of the legislators who signed the notice of impeachment said, “If his own brothers cannot support him, then where will his support come from? Clearly he has lost the goodwill of his people because he has taken them for granted for too long.”

However, chairman of the House Committee on Information, Mr. Daniel Ishaya Gani, said the impeachment process was not initiated by forces outside legislative chamber, saying members were genuinely concerned about the ‘gross misconduct’of the deputy governor.

Also speaking with Sunday Trust, Commissioner of Information Emmanuel Bello said, “Governor Suntai doesn’t meddle in what legislators are doing. He is a firm believer in the rule of law and separation of powers. This is purely a legislative matter. So count him out of this.”

As the impeachment threat rages, pertinent posers for the lawmakers and the judicial panel expected to be set up over the allegations are: How does one perform as deputy governor without the active support and cooperation of the governor? Who approved the siting of the MDG ICT Centre at Yagai? and Who gave approval and signed the Certificate of Occupancy for the Yagai parcel of land?

Now that the handwriting is on the wall, it remains to be seen how the deputy governor will wrestle himself out of the political boxing ring. If he does ever wrestle out, it will not be due to his political prowess but out of sympathy from his principal, with whom he has had a very cordial relationship with until now.

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