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How to Tackle Culture of Impunity

| December 29, 2013 More

How to Tackle Culture of Impunity

Published on Saturday, 28 December 2013 19:45

Written by Agency Reporter

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There are numerous changes on the cards, but first and foremost, sincerity and rule of law will be the first thing I will entrench. The second is to ensure effective local government elections. The people in the locality should be allowed to vote for who they want; that is where democracy is being practiced at the highest level, because those rural people only know their councillors and local government chairmen. Therefore, we will ensure that whoever wins the free and fair local government elections will be given the mandate to go and serve the people at that level. When that is done, we can now go on to educational, agricultural, economic, infrastructural development and all other reforms. We will also seek to attract investors to the state and other things. But, basically, these people who have been disenfranchised for many years (after giving us their votes) should be given the opportunity to vote for people they believe in.

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