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How Ali Kwara Traps Robbers

| December 29, 2012 More

The fight against armed banditry is yielding positive result in the North East. In this piece, NAJIB sani narrates how a brave hunter  Ali Kwara arrests robbers

There is no gain saying the fact that Alhaji Ali Kwara is one of the greatest, fearless and bravest hunters who played a vital role in nabbing armed robbers and thieves in Nigeria.

A native of Azare town in Bauchi State, the courageous Kwara had volunteered himself to battle with the hoodlums since 1999 and had carried out operations in all the six states of Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Taraba and Yobe that composed the north eastern sub-region of the country where he apprehended uncountable criminals and obtained good reputation from all including the security agents due to his extra-ordinary bravery.

LEADERSHIP observed that armed robbers and thieves are scared of this mysterious hunter more than the police due to his talent and the tactics he and his troop applied to outwit them during any encounter because many had made this confession whenever being paraded before newsmen.

Only recently Alhaji Ali Kwara had succeeded to have caught the notorious armed robber ‘Ali Bakar in Adamawa State who had been disturbing people with his nefarious activities just as four of his gangsters were killed. He disclosed how he was able to nab the culprits while speaking to newsmen in Bauchi.

“We just went on operation with my team together with the mobile policemen called IGP’s anti robbery squad attached to me, and the state police command where we carried out a joint work. We followed a group of one notorious armed robber called ‘Ali Bakar whom we have once arrested.

But after he completed his service in Prison and came out, he formed a new team of armed robbers that terrorized people in the north east. So we followed them from Bauchi to Gombe and finally we traced them in Adamawa State where we had a serious battle with them before we over-powered them”. 

Kwara disclosed that after the bandit was apprehended, his team members fled and abandoned two Ak 57 riffle, 129 rounds of ammunition with their golf car with registration number of Kano Dala and the sum of N49, 000. 

According to him, “the robbers fled and we pursued them to Yobe because we received intelligent information about their whereabouts. In a gun duel that took place between us and them in the night around 2.00 am, we succeeded in killing four of them and recovered their vehicle, four AK 47 and 329 rounds of live ammunition.

The brave hunter unveiled that battling with today’s thieves is harder because they now possess sophisticated weapons unlike before when they used dane guns, machetes, knives, sticks and bows and arrows due to the illegal proliferation of arms in the country.    

He pointed out that ethno-religious crises in Nigeria is attributable to the proliferation of arms in to the country, because armed robbers get sophisticated weapons during such crises, adding that the hands of all Nigerians must be on deck through prayers to reduce the menace. He also urged appropriate authorities to adequately punish persons who are involved in the importation of illegal arms into the country.

Alhaji Ali Kwara who claimed that he has defeated and arrested uncountable armed robbers and thieves in the north for the past 14 years explained that his bravery and lack of fear is instrumental to all the successes he recorded in the combat against the miscreants. “I have no fear but what I would like you to know is that there is no coward like armed robbers in this world”.

He also asserted that his fight against the criminals which began since 1999 has drastically mitigated the rate of armed banditry in his areas of operation saying he used his resources to provide weapons to his troop and train them to carry out the operation. 

“As you may be aware I am a business man and also a hunter. I have my personal money which I use to start this operation in 1999. I also have a personal company for construction work, even though I have assisted many states, but Bauchi State Governor Mallam Isa Yuguda has assisted me tremendously in my work on security. When we met him while he was a minister of transport, he appreciated my work and pledged to help me.

Moreover, when he became a governor of Bauchi State, Yuguda paid the money Bauchi State government owed me in respect of the contract I executed. He also gave me additional work as a way to support me to realize some money for my operation of protecting lives and property. 

Alhaji Kwara enumerated some of the contracts he executed in the state to include the building of Bauchi State University in Itas Gadau local government area of Bauchi State. “When I have completed the project successfully, the governor gave me about nine different contracts worth millions of naira.

Some are ongoing while others have been completed. I did a good job for the state that is the reason why he is still patronizing me.  Thus, that’s the support I got from Governor Yuguda, he patronized me and I used out of my profit to fight criminals” the notable hunter disclosed.

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