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Harsh Terrain Hampers Fight Against Polio

| May 16, 2012 More

BAUCHI – Nisser Umar, Executive Secretary, Bauchi State Primary Health Care Development Agency, has attributed recurrence of polio cases in some parts of the state to difficult terrain and uncontrolled movement of people.

Umar made the declaration when he spoke with newsmen in Bauchi.

“We haven’t had polio for almost 24 months, but in relative terms, we are still observing decline in polio; we should thank God that we are having only having two cases in more than 28 months now.

“It is a sad development but the net polio cases are flying over the last two years and I think we looked backward to see why we got those two cases.

“And we realised those areas were too hard to reach and there were some oversights and these perhaps were the reasons why we got those two cases.

“We’ve missed some cases; this is expected because we have dynamic population; we have population that are coming into the state at one time and leaving another time so we don’t have absolute control on our population target mobility.

“So we can’t say for sure that we are going to have 100 per cent coverage and in that circumstance it’s going to be unrealistic for us to assume we get completely 100 per cent coverage.’’

Umar said it was possible to miss the recording of new polio cases in some states.

“As long as we are missing some cases, we still have the possibility of having few cases of polio.

“And looking forward, we’ve designed activities to really penetrate those hard-to-reach areas and ensure that we don’t see repetition of the same events.

“The state has really made lot of investments on tackling polio and I think we are expecting to really not to be seeing much cases in future.

“I assure you that we are going to put in our best to see that we achieve as much as we can.’’

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