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Geologist – Discovery of Oil in Bauchi Is False – Thisday

| January 1, 2014 More

The claim of oil or gas at the Benue trough in Bauchi State has been described as mere political statement rather than an economic fortune, a geologist in the state, Dahiru am Mohammed Kafi, has said.

“Where is the oil or gas in Bauchi State? What evidence do you have? I’m a professional and when you say there is something you have to show me evidence, there is no information whatsoever to indicate the quantity of oil or gas available in Bauchi State,” he queried.

According to him, you can find some quantity of oil or gas which is not economical to exploit, recalling that the last attempt to find oil in Bauchi State was between 15 to 20 years ago,

Kafi, however, admitted: “I pray that there is oil in Bauchi State and I pray also that we can get it. And there has been a lot of improvement in technology today where even in the Delta region, places that have been exploited before and found dry are today finding oil because new technology has been employed.”

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Source: Thisday Newspaper

Category: Bauchi State News

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