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WHEN the rockafil musician Nico Mbarga sang sweet mother, celebrating motherhood, he was only reaffirming a truism of life. Indeed, motherhood’s sweetness is unquestionable. But this cannot be said of womanhood since its blessing fluctuates like the rise and ebb of the Atlantic Ocean’s tide.

Put simply women as generic quantities have good and bad sides. Because some men are unaware of this, they allow these women’s evil side the to lure them into trouble. They are entrapped by female alcoholism.
Remember Adam, our first parent. It was Eve’s love wine who caused him to fall from grace to grass out of God’s favour. Why? She made him to eat the forbidden fruit in the Ganden of Eden prohibited by God. And so, because of Eve, sin entered the world. Mankind lost paradise.

Following the Edenic escapade of Eve, some people began to christen women as woe to men. Biblical King Herod didn’t realise the import of this aphorism. This is why he foolishly send John the Baptist to jail to please Herodias, his brother Philip’s wife. Later, behaving like a typical woman wrapper, Herod promised to give Herodias’ daughter whatever she requested for as reward for her dance entertain during his birthday.

Herodias jumped at the offer, lapping it up. She instructed her daughter to demand for John the Baptist’s head. Her daughter did. The rest is now history. He was beheaded and his head was handed over to the girl who gladly took it to her jubilating mother.

What this biblical story further warns us about after that of Adam and Eve is that a woman can be an intoxicating alcohol to an unwise man. Adam drank of it and so lost his senses to a point that he joined Eve in eating the forbidden fruit. Now again, we saw how King Herod tasted of the bewitching alcohol served by Herodias and her daughter. End result? Herod killed John the Baptist, a prophet of God, to please these two women.

In 2012, God Isa Yuguda of Bauchi, showed too that he can be a victim of female alcoholism. See, one civil servant in his state called Abbas Faggo posted on FACEBOOK on September 4, 2012 that among other things, the governor was struggling with meeting with civil servants’ wage bill in the state. Yet he decided to “acquire” three expensive wives, one of whom was recently sponsored with tax payers’ money to America to give birth.

That is all. Because Abbas Faggo dared to cast cynical aspersion on his wives, Governor Isa Yuguda descended on him with a sledge hammer. Abbas Faggo was arrested and detained for weeks on the ground that he had committed an act that “compromised state security”. Or, let’s say it this way that he was detained for cyber terrorism on the elected, Executive Governor of Bauchi State who doesn’t sin and shouldn’t be sinned against in any material particular. Afterall, he is God’s anointed!! No be so?

After weeks of incarceration in the police’s Gulag Archipelago, Abbas Faggo was arraigned in court for defamation of the Governor’s immaculate unblemished character. Subsequently, the case was struck out for lack of diligent prosecution by government. If you think, the Governor was done, you miss road. His eyes were still fixed on his gun’s sight.

More vendetta awaited Abbas Faggo. On 13th November 2012, Bauchi State head of service sent a letter to him dismissing him from service with effect from 10th October, 2012. Alas, a man intoxicated with his wives sweet wine had unleashed uncontrollable anger on a harmless citizen who too, could become a governor in sinful Nigeria if he decided to go into our dirty politics.

This isn’t the first time the wine of female alcoholism has taken hold of a man. In the 1990s, a male professor, who doubled as a sole administrator of a Benin-based newspaper, once sacked a female typist in his establishment on the prompting of his rumbunctious wife. Reason? She accused the typist of saying “unsavoury things about her”.

Enter former Governor Gbenga Daniel of Ogun State. While in office, he couldn’t put his wife on the leash all because of her intoxicating love wine. It was no wonder one day, she stormed the home of a male detractor with a detachment of her oga’s security details. There, she ordered them to beat him up. Her wish was carried out.

Another woman, I know, also offered her polygynous husband her love wine to drink and got him senselessly drunk on it. Following this development the woman who was his second wife became his amorous favourite. Before he knew it, the man ruined his home. His action created Frankenstein monsters in the family which put it asunder. A house divided within itself cannot stand.

On his part, Ojukwu was a serial polygynist. When he died in December 2011, the genie of his polygyny was let loose on the earth. His children from several women on the one hand and Bianca, his last wife, are at each other’s throat fighting an Afghanistanic war over his property. On the other hand, Dede is on war path with Emeka junior over who is supposed to be Ojukwu’s first male child. Had Ojukwu resisted the lure of women and stuck to only one of them all these bitterness in his family would not be there, today. There is hardly hari-kiri in a marriage paradigm built on one man, one wife … one nuclear family.

Certainly, I wouldn’t forget to add here that it was because Dominique Strauss Kahn was a female alcoholic that caused him problems on May 14, 2011. That year, he was so intoxicated by Nafisatou Diallo, a chambermaid at sofitel New York Hotel in Manhattan that he attempted to rape her.

For his action, he was arrested and later charged to court. Although, he was acquitted of the rape offence, serious damage had already been done to his life. He lost his IMF job because he had to resign from it on May 18, 2011 four days after the incident occurred. Also, he couldn’t run for the office of French prime minister which he was being tipped to win at an election scheduled for that year. Furthermore, he has reached a civil settlement deal to pay Nafisatou Diallo a handsome sum of money as compensation for sexually harassing her.

Head or tall, therefore, Dominique Strauss – Kahn is a loser. He knows this too well, today. He doesn’t need to be told by anyone that a woman can be a mobile pornographic bomb!!.
Final word

Having said this much, it is crystal clear that female alcoholism is a disaster. It is true a woman’s love wine is sweet. But do you need to be told a sweet tooth does good to no one? So, softly for all male folks. Same goes for our women. Life na jeje. Happy valentine, if you must drink a woman’s love wine, do so with discretion. It intoxicates – ooo!!.


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