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Flood,Excessive Rainfall Take Toll On Food Production In Bauchi

| October 7, 2012 More

Excessive rainfall and flood experienced this year are taking their toll on farming activities in Bauchi state.

Correspondent who monitored the situation and interviewed some farmers, report that a substantial number of farmlands had been washed away.

In addition, some cash and food crops had failed to yield the expected output due to excessive rain.

Malam Shehu Habu, the Director Planning, Research and Statistics of Bauchi State Emergency Management Agency, said that no fewer than 30,381 farmlands had so far been destroyed across the state.

Some farmers interviewed lamented that their hopes of a bumper harvest had been dashed as a result of the excessive rainfall.

Malam Audu Luka, a maize farmer in Magama town of Bauchi state, said his crops were completely submerged, as such he harvested nothing.

“At the time the flood became intense, it was too late for me to plant the crop in another place, and so I lost out completely,” he said.

Gidado Adamu, a millet farmer in Bauchi town, narrated the same experience, saying that he was however lucky to escape with about 30 per cent of his harvest expectations.

 Another farmer, Malam Umar Fada, whose farm was situated along Gubi Dam in the outskirts of Bauchi metropolis, said that the flood had done a substantial damage to his crops.

According to him, being close to the dam which supplies water to the Bauchi town has its advantage and disadvantage.

“When there is no flood, we enjoy the best harvest and our crops and vegetables are the delight of customers.

“Since last year when government announced the likelihood of flood, I’ve been apprehensive.

“The over flow of the dam came early and we even enjoyed it, but the volume of the rainfall was heavy and we don’t know what will come out of it,” he added.

Malam Ja’afaru Ilela, the Director of Media and Publicity of the Bauchi State Agricultural Development Programme, (BSADP), who toured parts of the state to assess damage done to crops, that the situation was pathetic.

According to him, two factors were responsible for the losses incurred by farmers, namely flood that washed away farmlands and high intensity of rainfall, which had a negative effect on yields.

“The high intensity of rainfall affected crops like maize, millet, sorghum, groundnut and soya beans, among others, but did not affect rice. Flood on the other hand did not spare any crop.

“Crops affected severely were those planted on the low-land. The devastation was less on crops planted on highlands,” he explained.

Alhaji Tasiu Abubakar, the Bauchi Commissioner for Agriculture, said that the state government would do everything possible to assist the affected farmers.

“’With the nature of the flood which came when we least expected it, we need to assist our farmers. When it was predicted last year, it did not come. It caught us unawares now.

“’But still, we have made arrangements as we used to do in the past by collaborating with individual farmers and cooperatives to work out the best way of assisting those affected,” he assured.

Abubakar pointed out that the agricultural loans given to farmers by the Federal Government had insurance cover as such would not become liabilities.

“A component of the loan was that there is an insurance cover to the tune of N20 million, just in case of natural disasters of this nature that may arise. It’s a comprehensive package for beneficiaries of the loan,” he said.



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