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Cave at Yankari Game Reserve

Tourist trying out the Cave at Yankari game Reserve.
Yankari is a beautiful place to be. I have been there 4 times. They have the wiki warm spring, accommodation, restaurants, a small museum and the safari. There are over 52 species on animals there including the lion, elephant, leopard, antelopes (I saw this live).

The most friendly are the baboons which have become domesticated cohabiting with humans but they are smart thieves. If you keep your food carelessly, they will hijack it. Last time I was there, a baboon was in serious pusuit of a lady just to snatch her bottle of fanta but it’s fun.

The most interesting is the wiki warm spring which is cool in the day and warm at night. In facct, it is the reason why most people go to Yankari. The accommodation ranges from N2,500 students’ bed space to N45, 500.