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Bauchi targets increase in cotton production

| August 13, 2012 More

The Bauchi State Agricultural Development Authority has set up a scheme to ensure an increase in the manufacturing of cotton, Dr. Aliyu Gital, the project manager, said at the weekend.

Gital stated that the scheme is a part of federal government’s labour to recover the poor textile segment of the economy.

“Well, if you see the kind of things we are importing into the country, it’s too much; we are importing almost all the textile materials,” he said. “And when you want to revive the textiles, where are they going to get them? Are you going to import cotton, which is going to be bad for the country?

“So, for the revival of the textile industry, there must be local source of the raw materials, and the raw material is the cotton. That is why we are encouraging our farmers. Before the re-activation of the textile industry, let there be something on the ground.”

He said that in expectation of a good harvest in 2012, the federal and state governments erected storage silos.

“Fortunately, apart from the silos that were constructed by the Bauchi State Government, the Federal Government has constructed two additional silos,” Gital said. “So, with that, we have places to go and keep our grains whether they are bought or not. I think this system is going to take care of the bumper harvest. Number one, there is going to be market; number two, there is provision for the farmer to keep the excess for sale later in the year. The silos are in Wailo, Azare, Bauchi, Boto. In all, there are six silos.

“In the past, there were no community warehouses, but now, we have three community warehouses, while three others are under construction; one here in Bauchi, one in Gamawa and the third one in Gadam Maiwa in the central zone.”

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