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Bauchi Project 2015 Kicks against Bad Governance

| May 29, 2014 More

 Governor Isa Yuguda

By Segun Awofadeji 

A Bauchi-based non-political organisation, Project 2015, has flayed selfish politicians who misappropriate or siphon funds to the detriment of majority citizens, as the forth-coming general elections approach gradually.

Project 2015 noted that as a result of politicians’ bizarre siphoning, most governments in the country today, including Bauchi, are either heavily indebted or misappropriate funds meant to facilitate the socio-economic and political development of their states.

The organisation, in a recent media chat in Bauchi, explained that in some states, not excluding Bauchi, civil servants are not getting their pay as and when due, whereas millions of naira are being showered on hangers-on in the name of political appointment.

The project chairman, Hon. Abdullahi Jahun, said such hangers-on, as in the case of Bauchi state, neither contribute to the development of the state, nor even have schedules of duty in the offices they were appointed.

To such political leaders as Governors, he observed, federally-allocated grants are meant to have retinue of political aides with no commensurate achievements or returns from the hundreds of billions of naira in federation account allocations.

Jahun expressed regret that instead of focusing attention on the best way to make good use of the poor situation people find themselves in today in Bauchi state, the so-called politicians are merely interested in dividing the poor masses along parochial considerations.

He said the project comprised of people concerned with the plight of citizens especially the future generation and yet unborn, and expressed worry that the few elites who hang onto power are not playing the right role expected of them in running the affairs of Bauchi state.

The project critically reviewed personalities involved in politics of Bauchi state and came to the conclusion that the likes of Dr. Ibrahim Yakubu Lame have greatly touched the lives of majority people of Bauchi, citing his establishment of the proposed Fariah University, Bauchi to buttress their claims.

Other contributions of Lame to the development of Bauchi state, Jahun recalled, included the acquisition and resuscitation of the moribund Yankari Natural Spring Water, thus making Fariah table water today a household name at least in Northern Nigeria, which also made him the highest employer of labour in Bauchi state.

Jahun said it was the belief of the project 2015 that a private individual that can invest personal resources in providing important services needed for development is the best qualified to be elected Governor of Bauchi state.

He added that the essence of having government anywhere in the world is that of providing such critical services to the people who individually cannot provide for themselves.

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