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Bauchi CPC Infiltrated By PDP

| February 9, 2013 More

In this interview with CHIBUZO UKAIBE, Alhaji Abdulwahab Gambo, contesting for the seat of Bauchi State Chairman of the Congress for Progressive Change alleges that the party is being infiltrated by top-level Peoples Democratic Party chieftains in the state. He also shares more insights into the party’s travails and his blueprint to revamp it

The Bauchi State chapter of the Congress for Progressive Change has had a lot of crisis lately. What is responsible?
The CPC, as we all know, is a ray of light to the nation and the hope of the masses. I must say that a lot of people are not too comfortable with this and it may interest you to know that Bauchi State is a centre of great change. The state is strategically located and has influenced a lot of informed decisions in this nation. I will say that the crisis is influenced by both internal and external forces.

That is the reason I am contesting for the chairmanship position of Bauchi State CPC. The party has a mandate to change the fortunes of the people and in doing so; there is a need for someone who has the people and the party at heart. I am one of the founding fathers of the CPC in the state and have been committed to the party since inception.

We formed what was called the Buhari discussion group and later CPC in Bauchi State. We have never had an elected executive of the CPC in Bauchi State. We had an interim leadership then a self-imposed leadership led by Shehu Barau Ningi, which brought a lot of crisis.

There was no authority from the national secretariat granting him such powers. A care-taker committee was set up for the purpose of supervising the 2011 general election. But till date, they are still serving as care-taker committee. They have served for about eighteen months now and they are supposed to be there for between three to six months.

Because of all these confusion, leaders of the party lack the capacity, endurance and commitment to the party and that affected us at the gubernatorial election of 2011. The voter turnout in the state was 64 per cent, out of that we recorded a casted total vote of 1.6 million, out of which Ben Mohammadu Buhari scoured 1.3 million, that is about 84 per cent. But surprisingly, our gubernatorial candidate Alh Maitama Tugga did not secure up to 100,000 votes. This happened simply because of a leadership crisis in the state CPC.

All the leadership we had in the state party were subservient to some individuals so they could not pull the party together. It may interest you to know that there are some leaders who are serving the interest of Mallam Isa Yuguda, Alhaji Yayale Ahmed, Ahmadu Mau’azu, Senator Bala Usman and Alhaji Bello Kirfi though they belong to the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP).

They came in to destroy the party; they have an ulterior motive. If they cannot put their house in order, how can they put our house in order? I am not saying that they are not welcome into the party, but they should come through the front door in a day light not through the back door in the night.

If they come through the back door it means there is something on ground. They should follow due process and obey the rules of the party. They have never indicated interest to join the party but they have sponsored several candidates in 2011. People like Tugga, Nuhu Gidadu and Mohammed Dewu and so on. They are rumoured to be sponsored by these people.

You have not said anything about the sacking of Senator Nazim.
But that has been settled by the national executive in a meeting they held on January 29. If you ask me, I would say that some people have an agenda and they know Nazim is a threat to their aspiration which of course is not a noble aspiration. Some of them are within while some are oustside the party. Let me tell you something about Senator Nazim, he has the capacity, experience and longevity to fight and win as an opposition. Nazim is a tested opposition fighter hence a reliable opposition leader. 

How do you think these problems will be solved?
These problems will continue unless we have someone who knows the party and is committed to its course. Someone who is capable and can confront the Bauchi State government now, so that the CPC can make significant achievement in the state. If you look at it, the local government elections in Bauchi State is around the corner and the PDP will only be happy if the elections comes and the CPC is not ready because of leadership crisis in the CPC. If it is in terms of elections, the PDP know that they will not win anything in Bauchi State.

They want to impose themselves as they have been doing. In fact, that is the more reason why the state governor, Mallam Isa Yuguda appointed Alhaji Abdulmumini Muhammad Kundak chairman of Bauchi State Independent Electoral Commission.
Many people are not comfortable with his appointment as we all know that he is coming to rig the elections.

But that is not my concern because Bauchi CPC is able to win fair and square given a level playing ground. Even if Governor Isa Yuguda will be the chairman, I have no objection. If we can check him very well there is no way he will rig the election.

The care-taker committee was nominated by the gubernatorial candidates that contested in 2011. There loyalty is to their nominee not the party. And if you want to win any election in Bauchi State, you cannot do so with a divided house. You must have a single platform. My desire is to unite the people and have a common front. I will give all the candidates a level playing ground.
I hope to build a formidable CPC with disciplined party members. Not those who will dump the party after an election.

Do you think you can make a difference within the given time?
I make bold to say that Bauchi State is CPC and I assure you that if we have elected officials on ground before the local government elections, we will beat the PDP. As a party, we have what it takes to dislodge the PDP and that is what we will achieve. My intention is to ensure that people of integrity are given the mandate to contest.

I am talking of people who have the party at heart, people who have worked tirelessly to ensure that the party is a force to reckon with. An example of such a person is Senator Nazim. I must commend him for his efforts in making sure that we put a good fight in Bauchi State.

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