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Azare’s Pyramids of Garbage

| December 8, 2012 More

Any society that disposes pile of waste in unsanitary sites it is stepping into a very detrimental stage that can lead to a drastic health and environmental problems.

Food wastes, carcasses, excrements and other rotten things produces a terrible and unpleasant smell which can lead to diseases outbreaks and even epidemic if not properly disposed. It can cause skin diseases, eye problems, diarrhoea, typhoid, cholera and other similar killer diseases. A heap of rubbish left at a dump also causes environmental pollution such as contamination of air we breathes and the water we drinks.

But unfortunately, with all the horrible effects of the garbage, the inhabitants of Azare town, the environmentalists and even the government have not surmounted the problem, to the extent that the town is becoming like an industrial waste dump site. This is due to the fact that it can be seen that even Azare Central Mosque and Zonal Education Authority Offices (Central Office) are about to be engulfed by the pyramids of garbage. Sincerely speaking even Emir’s Palace is facing the dangers of this garbage encroachment and the bad odour carried by breeze.

Meanwhile, Bauchi State Environmental Protection Agency (BASEPA), pay little or no attention to clear the situation as their spokesman revealed to me that the state government did not provide them equipment like garbage loader, trash-trucks (dumper)and wheel-borrows. Talk less of Long rain-boots, nose/mouth mask, and protection gowns with will enable them carry their primary duty safely.

Moreover, a source claimed anonymity told me that all the equipment were kept within the state capital BASEPA workers are always roaming and cleaning only the town satellite areas, leaving the outskirts and other parts of the state suffering the humiliation of garbage.

So the question to ask: where are the Bauchi state environmentalists? Where is the deputy governor Alhaji Sagir Aminu Saleh, who is from Azare town? Where is Honourable Auwalu DahiruSaleh, Member House of Repsentatives? Where is Hon. Abubakar Baba Suleiman, Member State House of

Assembly? Were you not all from Azare town? What efforts are they engaged in to protect Azare from the garbage eyesore?

The Bauchi State government should come to the rescue of our central mosque, Katagum Emir’s palace, the entire Azare town and its outskirts and the whole state from the catastrophe of heaps of garbage if the state government wants to fight dreadful diseases such as cholera Typhoid and Malaria that are taking countless lives!

Muhammad Bababa Mujtaba, Kofar Gabas – Azare, Bauchi State

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