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An Open Letter To Bauchi State House Of Assembly from Bauchi State Coalition …

| April 19, 2013 More


Dear respected Honourable Members of Bauchi State Assembly, BSCC is using this medium to profoundly convey their congratulatory message to all of you, for having the opportunity to be among those political trustees elected to represent our opinions, perspectives and interest in leading us to a State of our dreams, a dream we have been waiting for. A State were all elected representatives are liable in many ways to the yearnings of the people who voted and elected them to implement those pledges and promise made before elections with much transparency, accountability and good governance.

My dear representatives, there is no doubt that you are having a great opportunity to make your mark in sand of time in leading a State which is complex with several diversity of over 50 ethnic groups, with 60 distinct languages. The State with over five million people, that makes her one of the most populous State in Nigeria. Bauchi State is one of the State that God have blessed in terms of abundant natural and human resources.

With all these in place,Bauchi State does not deserve to live in poverty ,darkness, fear, complexity, confusion, unemployment and frustration. Again,it is the will of God that you represent us in the House and what we expect from you is beyond rhetorical speeches.

Dear honourable members, you certainly know very well that our State at the moment lacks visionary, quality leadership and true representatives. According to wikipedia, the free encyclopedia defines representative democracy; as a form of government founded on the principle of elected individuals representing the people. Also do not forget the common edge that “to whom much is given, much is expected”.

The good people of Bauchi State hope that you cannot afford to disappoint them because you have all it takes to move the State forward without losing anything like others in past did. This is the dawn of a new era,even though we recognise your unflinching royalty to your master whom brought most of you in to the State Assembly, both the qualified and unqualified.

My honourable law makers, BSCC wish to draw your attention to the following constitutional provision : section 7 of the 1999 constitution gave the government of every State responsibility to ensure the existence of democratically elected local government councils under a law enacted by the State House of Assembly providing for the establishment structure, composition, finance and functions of such councils.

The mission of the local government council is to deliver service to the grass root, which brings about better quality of life, stronger economic performance, improved health care and vibrant education system and above all less crime in the local areas. Local government council is meant to facilitate equitable delivery of basic service to the local and it must ensure representation of all groups in the community in the delivery of those basic service.

Honourable patriotic members,BSCC wish to brings to your notice that Governor Dr. Mal. Isa Yuguda of Bauchi State has boldly and intentionally refuse to conduct Local Government Areas Election in the State since the first and last one was conducted in 2007. Bauchi State is made up of 20 LGA’s council aspirants in all the political parties in the State have been giving hopless hope since 2009. Governor Isa Yuguda has been operating the LGA’s in the State with caretaker chairmen and sole administrators. Governor Isa Yuguda has no plans for LGA election in Bauchi State.

As you are all aware honourable members, the major reason why Governor Isa Yuguda has refused to conduct council polls and has been operating the LGA’s in Bauchi State with sole administrators is because they do not have the mandate of the people to operate. Hence they cannot complain when their LGA allocations are tempered with by the Governor. The resultant effect of this means that there will be no single developmental project going on the 20 LGA’s of the State. All the 20 LGA’s are ghost environment as they lack basic social amenities,no portable drinking water,no good roads,primary and secondary schools are in deplorable and dilapidated conditions, no cottage industry ,no agricultural development etc. Local government staff are not paid their salaries as at when due. Yet the local government are been sent huge allocation from the federation account. The operation of the LGA’s through Caretaker committee or Sole administrators is illegal and undemocratic. Dear honourable members,for how long will this continue to happen in Bauch State? Is Governor Isa Yuguda telling the good people of Bauchi State that they have no right to elect their leaders at the grass root? or is he saying that the local government in the State are not ripe for the election after almost the State of the federation has conducted theirs. This signify that,all the State assembly members from the entire 20 LGA’s in the State are “Toothless Bull dogs” who can only bak but not bite? And this is impliedly potrying the high level of incompetency as those undesirable elements so called State assembly members.

BSCC,is not accessing the administration of Governor Isa Yuguda,but has noted that,the administration of Governor Isa Yuguda has not shown understanding of the problems of the people of the LGA’s. There is organic disconnection between the Bauchi State Government and the people at the grass root. And once the people at the grass root don’t matter; once the people at the grass root don’t participate in the governance of their areas such society with the government of the day is doomed!

Finally, BSCC is drawing the attention of all the State assembly members in Bauchi State to kindly safeguard their integrity and above all the general interest of their electorate in order to avoid future embarrassment and inconvenience. It is good for them to know that hard times are not forever and one good thing about democracy is tenure. A STITCH IN TIME SAVE NINE.



Bauchi State Coalition for Change(BSCC)


Secretary (BSCC)

CC: Speaker Bauchi State House of Assembly,Independent

ElectrolCommission (INEC),Bauchi State Independent Electoral Commission (BASIEC)

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