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Ahmed Yerima’s Diversionary Ploy

| November 13, 2016 More

Does Ahmed Yerima, a House of Reps Member, representing Misau/Dambam Federal Constituency of Bauchi State, know his primary mission to the National Assembly? Was he elected to promote bills for the well-being of his people or to be collecting undeserved fat salaries and allowances for doing nothing? Instead of focusing on his primary responsibility of lawmaking, he busies himself diverting our attention by constantly attacking Governor Mohammed Abubakar of Bauchi State with unsubstantiated politically motivated allegations.

It is insulting to allow legislator to divert our attention by attacking Governor Abubakar. Yerima’s recent Leadership Newspaper article, entitled “Escapist or Realist”, is one of his efforts to bring down Governor Abubakar with puerile allegations of wrong doing. If the federal lawmaker was sure of his facts, what stopped him from writing a petition to the EFCC with proofs? No governor is above investigation even if he is still in office.

The lawmaker should not pretend to love the people of Bauchi State by making spirited efforts to discredit and vilify Governor Abubakar because ours is a country where critics can easily confuse and convince gullible citizens with publication of falsehoods against perceived political opponents.

It also smacks of arrogance to claim that because “You are a key player” in installing Governor Abubakar into office, it gives you the power to distract and discredit his administration through smear newspaper campaign.

What was Yerima’s motives for purportedly “helping to install Abubakar into office? Did he do so in order to control him? If he was sincere in “helping” Abubakar come to power, why did he choose to bring him down instead of coming forward with constructive ideas to move Bauchi State forward? Yerima’s gave himself away by his arrogant claim of installing Abubakar into office. Even if he had installed Abubakar, does it mean the Governor has no right to run the affairs of Bauchi State in the best interest of the people?

The day a governor becomes answerable to self-acclaimed king makers rather than the voters, he would run the risk of abusing his mandate. It is improper to abandon your own responsibility as lawmaker and concentrate on writing malicious newspaper articles against your Governor. Are Governors elected to share mandate with a Federal lawmaker?

Yerima cannot claim a monopoly of patriotism over Governor Abubakar. We must learn to respect the office of the Governor by avoiding the tendency of malicious campaign of calumny against him.

It is laughable to accuse any elected politician of the so-called “non-performance”. Does he have any performance record to boast about at the National Assembly?

Nigerian lawmakers are ranked the highest paid legislators in the world. Are these hefty salaries and allowances based on their productivity or performance?

Our lawmakers are purchasing the choicest landed property and multi-million naira Jeeps with people’s money for doing nothing.

Yerima boasted that he has “better” personal cars than Governor Abubakar. He was right. If a lawmaker collects hefty salaries and allowances he doesn’t deserve, why can’t he buy the choicest cars and Jeeps at public expense? The fat salaries and allowances Yerima is collecting are inconsistent with the economic realities of the country. Is he making any sacrifices as a member of President Buhari’s change agenda?

Yerima cannot be a sincere member of the change train while he didn’t make any effort to introduce a bill to reduce the unrealistic salaries and allowances they are paying themselves at the expense of Nigerians. If he believes in President Buhari’s message of sacrifice, I challenge Yerima to introduce a bill reducing their salaries and allowances to N300,000 or One Million Naira per month.

– Darazo wrote in from Abuja.


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